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10 Best Yoga Apps That Make Practicing at Home a Breeze


10 Best Yoga Apps That Make Practicing at Home a Breeze

Starting an at-home yoga practice has never been easier, thanks to the seemingly infinite number of yoga apps available at your fingertips. Curious about the best yoga apps out there? We’ve got you covered.

We waded through the app store to pick the 10 apps most deserving of your download. To be frank, not every option out there was up to snuff. Because we firmly believe yoga is for everyone, we looked for apps that were affordable, inclusive, and made an effort to be accessible to a broad range of bodies and abilities. We also aimed to include apps that respectfully honor yoga’s ancient roots and place an emphasis on qualified, knowledgeable instructors.

The list is filled with apps that deliver a superior experience across categories including accessibility, inclusivity, affordability, instructor expertise, and cultural sensitivity. These options are a solid bet no matter your fitness level, experience with yoga, or reason for starting an at-home practice. From gentle yin yoga to sweaty vinyasa flows to pranayama (breath-focused) sessions and more, you can likely find the yoga classes you’re looking for in one (or more) of these apps.

But before we dig into the best apps, a few quick things: If you’re totally new to yoga and curious about what to expect in your first class, read these expert tips for beginners. If you’re in the market for a quality yoga mat, here’s advice from seasoned instructors, plus more at-home yoga products that can boost your solo flow. And if you want to learn more about the history of yoga and how to practice it respectfully, check out this important article on the roots of yoga and why the physical practice, called asana, is actually only one component of this ancient tradition.

Now, without further ado, here are the 10 best yoga apps to check out.

1. The Underbelly App

The brainchild of yoga teacher, author, and SELF columnist Jessamyn Stanley, the Underbelly offers inclusive, accessible classes ranging in focus from breath work and essential postures to grounding sequences to fast-paced postures and more. As Stanley puts it, the Underbelly is “a home for wellness misfits…

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