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11 Plus – Friendly Pleasure Products from Sedure for a Grown And Sexy Good Time!!


11 Plus – Friendly Pleasure Products from Sedure for a Grown And Sexy Good Time!!

It’s the year 2022 of our Divine Diva Beyoncé – if talking about self-pleasure and adult toys make you squeamish… We think it’s high time you get over that! We say this in the spirit of love and freedom: Unclutch those pearls and liberate yourself!

Product photography courtesy of Sedure

Your body, mind, AND spirit will thank you for it! Trust us when we say this. Self-pleasure is not sinful… its self care!

“Masturbation is our first and natural form of sexual activity and if that’s inhibited or damaged, then we suffer for the rest of our lives.”

Betty Dodson, American Sex Educator

If you are here for the discourse, then you are already on the same page! Welcome! We are going to have a grown and sexy conversation today! Yay! Light some candles, put on something scandalous, get a glass of Moscato and let’s get right into it!

Photo courtesy of Anna Shvets/PEXELS

Pleasure toys are NOT one size fits all

If you have had an otherwise healthy relationship with adult pleasure toys then you know that some toys work better for our ample bodies than others. It’s frustrating to invest money into a toy that doesn’t take you to the river because of size! Many of us have been there… This is why we consulted an expert to help us prevent any further purchase regrets!

Lendise Braxton is the CEO of Sedure, a Black woman-owned company, selling premium pleasure products. According to Lendise, many adult toys are often not a good option for plus-sized bodies because they don’t take our bodies into account for the design. Being fat and sexually frustrated is not a good combination, especially after spending a couple of dollars on an adult toy!

Lendise went on to explain that when catering to curvy clientele, length matters. More importantly, flexibility matters. Furthermore, the way that some toys are designed, unfortunately, makes it challenging for a person of size to adjust the speed comfortably without stopping.

Photo courtesy of Sergey Karabov/Getty Images

We knew we were talking to the right person about this subject, so we asked her for pleasure products…

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