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13 Best Workout Shirts for Men That Are Stylish and Breathable in 2022


13 Best Workout Shirts for Men That Are Stylish and Breathable in 2022

The best workout shirts for men should be masters of multi-tasking (just as versatile as your fitness routine), combining sturdy and breathable fabrics that can clear the wringer of sweat, movement, and spin cycles in the wash without emerging significantly worse for wear or perpetually odorous. They should look sharper than a Jersey Shore muscle tee, but not like a billboard—unless you’re going for a high-vis look for safety’s sake. And they should fit, but have some movement and stretch to them, so they don’t restrict blood flow to the extremities or cling to your sweaty body while you’re exercising in public. For those in search of the perfect workout shirt, we’ve got you covered with some of the best options (in tee, tank, and long-sleeve form) for every type of guy.

We’ve put them through their paces by running, lifting, training, and sweating abundantly in them—even liking some of them so much that they’ve ranked among our favorite fitness pieces of all time in our annual Fitness Awards. Some are extra-ventilated with mesh panels, others offer UPF50 sun protection, while still others are so fly that they provide extra motivation for getting out there to run laps in the dead of winter. Above all, they’re a perfect medium of comfort, breathability, and design to help you work out in style. Here, some of the best workout shirts for men that deserve a spot in your fitness rotation.

To see more of the best workout clothes and gear hand-picked by GQ editors, check out the GQ Fitness Awards.

The Best All-Around Workout Shirt

Rhone Reign short sleeve workout shirt

The Goldilocks of workout shirts, this four-way stretch tee clings in all the right places (around the biceps, for example, so that the sleeves don’t ride up and down) and none of the wrong ones (the shoulders, the armpits, and—[shudder]—the gut) thanks to raglan sleeves and a slightly looser fit. It’s breathable enough to prevent soak-throughs, but not so thin that that a brisk day will highlight your nipples to everyone on the track. The v-neck styling is a subtle way of differentiating itself from the crew-neck competition. The best part,…

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