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1994 Rhodes Scholar Randal Pinkett Is A Member Of Alpha Phi Alpha


1994 Rhodes Scholar Randal Pinkett Is A Member Of Alpha Phi Alpha

Did you know that African American business consultant Randal Pinkett is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha? Pinkett is a member of the Kappa Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Pinkett was born in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, and earned his BS in electrical engineering from Rutgers University. The degree he earned at Rutgers was the first of his five degrees. He is also a Rhodes Scholar and Walter Byers Scholar. He is most known for being the first African American to win the US version of The Apprentice.

Fashion Ambush Randal Pinkett at The Club in Homewood, June 1, 2012.(Birmingham News Photo Linda Stelter) reporter Chanda Temple BN FTP

After he left the show, Pinkett continued as chairman and CEO of BCT Partners. He also entered politics and continued to reappear on later versions of the show.

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