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29 Best Hair Oils for Every Hair Type 2022: Ouai, Olaplex, and More


29 Best Hair Oils for Every Hair Type 2022: Ouai, Olaplex, and More

Like an effective serum, the best hair oils are designed to deeply penetrate the hair shaft to help lock in moisture and luminous shine. Sure, a good hair mask and conditioner gives your hair a dose of hydration, but hair oils are less maintenance. Although hair oils tend to get a bad rap, professional hairstylists say this high-quality hair care product plays a vital role in keeping both the scalp and your strands as healthy as possible. We spoke to stylists and hair experts on the benefits of hair oils, the best hair oils for your hair type, and more.

Why use hair oil

So why exactly should you use hair oil? After all, it’s just another product and one more step to add to your hair care routine. Well, hair oils take care of several concerns beyond adding moisture to your dry strands. Hair oils appeal to almost every hair type thanks to the variety of benefits they give. Mydentity founder and hair color icon, Guy Tang says, “hair oil replenishes the hair’s moisture, which then helps the hair feel softer, reduces frizz, and makes it shinier.” The result? Healthy-looking hair. “The benefit of using an oil by itself instead of a cream or conditioner would be if you do not want to wet your hair in order to moisture it,” adds Candace Witherspoon, owner of Candace Witherspoon Salon in NYC.

How to pick hair oil

“The type of oil you choose can differ depending on hair type and its porosity level (the measurement of your hair’s ability to absorb and hold moisture),” explains Darby Backes, hairstylist at Whiteroom Salon in Brooklyn. If your hair is fine or highly porous (meaning that it allows moisture in easily and quickly loses it), hairstylists recommend sticking to lighter-weight oils, like grapeseed or jojoba. On the opposite end of the spectrum, people with textured or coily hair that doesn’t absorb moisture easily should look for slightly heavier oils, like castor or coconut, which contain fatty acids that help keep hair moisturized longer.

How to use hair oil

According to Danielle Priano, celebrity hairstylist to Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, and Ariana Grande, you can use hair oils in three…

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