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3-Year-Old Girl Abruptly Asks Waitress about Her Skin Color and Gets a Profound Response


3-Year-Old Girl Abruptly Asks Waitress about Her Skin Color and Gets a Profound Response

A three-year-old developed a close bond with her favorite waitress at Waffle House. However, one day the little girl asked the woman a question that caught her mother off-guard. 

By the time Holland Backstrom was one-year-old, her Waffel House waitress, Mrs. Cynthia, already felt like family. The little girl was used to her warm smile and serving of apple juice and raisin bread. 

The youngster even had some of her first birthday parties in the Fort Myers restaurant and enjoyed every minute of her time there. 

Three-year-old Holland Backstrom [left]; Mrs. Cynthia with one of her favorite customers [right] | Source:

Her mother, Mary Katherine Backstrom, worked on her book in a booth at Waffle House and spent lots of time getting to know Mrs. Cynthia. The trio had long chats and grew closer with each visit. 

Backstrom prayed for Mrs. Cynthia’s son, and in return, the waitress prayed for her battle with cancer. The Backstrom’s were regulars, and often their order was already waiting as they arrived.


Holland admired Mrs. Cynthia, and last year she put her tiny hands on her cheeks and asked an unexpected question. The then three-year-old’s words stunned her mom, but it was too late to take the words back. 

“Mrs. Cynthia, I want to have dark skin like you. Why is your skin so dark?” 

Backstrom wanted to intervene, but the waitress replied with an unforgettable sentence before she could say something. Mrs. Cynthia gave Holland the perfect justification.

She said: “Because God made everyone different! Isn’t that wonderful?!” The little girl nodded but had one more comment to add, and it was related to one of her favorite Disney characters. 


Holland said: “But, Mrs. Cynthia—if I had your skin, we could both dress up like Tiana!” To this, the waitress laughed and told her she could dress like Tiana whenever she wanted to. 

They moved on to another topic, but the conversation stuck in Backstrom’s head. The mother shared the story online, and it quickly went viral. 

Netizens were touched by how children viewed race and…

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