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4 NFL teams a trade away from winning the Super Bowl


4 NFL teams a trade away from winning the Super Bowl

The Buccaneers and Rams drew up the blueprint. Going all-in on a win-now philosophy works in the NFL — assuming you have the rest of a winning team established. It’s built off the abundantly clear football reality that teams now have to have an elite quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

It’s just not possible any other way. The days of having an elite defense, running back, and caretaker QB are gone. In the last 10 years the only teams to win a Super Bowl without an elite passer are the Eagles, who won with Nick Foles in 2018, and 2012 when Joe Flacco got a ring with the Ravens. Meanwhile, the idea that chemistry can’t be built overnight is gone. It’s become abundantly clear with the Rams and Buccaneers that win-now is a valid strategy.

The possibility of this happening again is growing slim. You best believe that a vast majority of ring-hungry teams in the NFL are kicking the tires on this strategy, and we’re looking at really only two possible QBs filling the bill with Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. In both instances it feels unlikely they would be traded to a contender. Still, it’s time to look at the four teams who really could elevate themselves to Super Bowl contenders, if only they can find that passer.

The Titans were the best regular season team in the AFC, and sure part of that comes from playing in football’s weakest division, but they were also really good in spite of Ryan Tannehill this season, not because of him.

I’ve been really bullish on Tannehill the past few seasons, but his deficiencies as a top-tier quarterback really came to the surface with the injury to Derrick Henry this season. Tannehill is not a bad passer at all, but he’s absolutely not a guy who can put a team on his shoulders and carry them to a win. Teams need a difference maker at the position, not just “very good,” and it’s put the Titans QB solidly in the second tier with the likes of Jimmy Garoppolo, and Kirk Cousins, both of whom we’ll talk about a little later.

Tell me, where’s the weakness if you put an elite QB on the Titans? Henry returns from injury, the offensive line is set, the…

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