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5 of the Shadiest Moments of Kaavia James In 2021


5 of the Shadiest Moments of Kaavia James In 2021

Everyone’s favorite “Shady Baby” spent the year making us laugh time and time again. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s daughter Kaavia James served us side eyes, smirks, frowns, and furrowed brows. Check out her five shadiest moments of 2021.  

Portion Control?

A normal play date is never exempt from Kaavia’s shady ways. While playing a game of ice cream shop, her mother simply asked her for another scoop. Kaavia refused and said, “You already had some.”  

Gabrielle Union’s Instagram (@gabunion)

No Filter

Spending a day at their beautiful home in the backyard is never boring with Kaavia. Playing in the grass, she sat on her mama’s stomach. Then the child covered Union’s mouth with a piece of paper and told her “you stink.” 

Gabrielle Union’s Instagram (@gabunion)

No Touching!

Other children are definitely not exempt from the shady wrath of Kaavia. On a play date with Tia Mowry’s daughter Cairo, she tried to help her out and zip up her backpack. Let’s just say she did not respond well.  

Tia Mowry’s Instagram (@tiamowry)

Rules of Playtime

Kaavia’s frequent playmate Crosby Sparrow Easterling was also a victim of her shade. He wanted to help her by trying to pick up her baby doll off the floor. And let’s just say she does not like people touching her baby dolls.  

Kaavia James’ Instagram (@kaaviajames)


Preparing for a possible future career, Kaavia enjoys playing doctor with her mama. But let’s just say she shouldn’t ever call her daughter in an emergency. Refusing to provide medical care is well within Kaavia rights as a 3-year-old though.   

Kaavia James’ Instagram (@kaaviajames)

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