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’90s Outfits: The Biggest, Baddest Looks From the Decade Offer All the Spring Style Inspiration You Need


’90s Outfits: The Biggest, Baddest Looks From the Decade Offer All the Spring Style Inspiration You Need

If you’ve noticed a whole lot of ‘90s outfits popping up on the timeline lately, you’re not the only one. The decade is fully back, baby. Don’t believe us? Scroll through the thousands of Getty results from the era—or take a gander at any of the IG mood boards dedicating to documenting the period’s biggest fits—and then bang our line. The hallmarks of ‘90s style have once again thrashed their way to the forefront of the menswear psyche, and frankly, we kind of saw it coming. 

Look closely, and the signs were there all along. Cargo pants are cool! Fanny packs are back and better than ever! Graphic tees have never been wavier! Heck, the shaggy mohair cardigan Kurt Cobain wore performing on “MTV Unplugged” almost three decades ago—a veritable ‘90s icon in its own right—sold for a whopping 300k at auction a few years ago. 

Today, though, the ‘90s outfits worth emulating are the ones that don’t borrow from the period’s defining aesthetic so literally. So we distilled the core elements of the look into six key categories, none of which call for the hairstyle of an era-specific heartthrob to pull off. Mixed and matched alongside the pieces already in your closet, they represent the easiest way to ape the ‘90s look without veering into cosplay. You could say they’re…all that and a bag of chips. (But please don’t.)

Big Ol’ Baggy Jeans 

Pooling, wide-leg jeans—the kind gloriously offbeat dressers like Justin Bieber and Pete Davidson swear by today—remain a calling card of Y2K-era fashion, but the cut first took off in the decade that preceded it.

BDG baggy skate-fit jeans

Polar Skate Co. big boy jeans

Y/Project peep show jeans

Rev Run-Approved Tracksuits

‘70s-indebted tracksuits—crisp, understated, best paired with a thicket of unkempt chest hair—might be all the rage right now, but the ones we’re talking about here are cut from a different cloth entirely. Comfortable, crinkly, and usually made from a lightweight nylon blend, they hearken back to a time when hip-hop luminaries like Run-D.M.C were on the cusp of becoming the world’s biggest influencers—Adidas shell-toes, swishy…

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