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A $45 fitness tracker that checks almost all the boxes


A $45 fitness tracker that checks almost all the boxes

The best cheap fitness tracker you can buy is the $45 Mi Band 6. It’s hard to pass up if you’re on a budget but still want features like automatic workout detection, a blood oxygen sensor, sleep tracking and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. Bonus: it’s compatible with Android and iOS.

There’s no shortage of fitness bands and smartwatches under $100. The $70 Amazfit Bip S and newer Bip U are some of our favorite budget watches, but if you’re looking for something smaller, with very similar health and fitness tracking and a nicer screen, the Mi Band 6 is a great choice. I’m a big advocate for finding cheaper alternatives to big-name products, even making an entire YouTube series dedicated to the cause. Here’s why I think the Mi Band 6 is a viable competitor to similar products from big-name brands like Fitbit and the new Amazon Halo View.

A bright screen makes the Mi Band a pleasure to use

This thing is so light, I often forget it’s on my wrist. Which is a good thing in the middle of a workout when I’m trying to concentrate on my next rep, or at night when I don’t want to feel a chunky smartwatch rubbing against my pillow.

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