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A Novel’ by Bethany C. Morrow – Black Girl Nerds


A Novel’ by Bethany C. Morrow – Black Girl Nerds

Bestselling author Bethany C. Morrow gives us a new adult social horror novel that I did not want to stop reading. I did not know what I was getting myself into. The story definitely clings to you, once you’ve finished.

Social horrors are interesting to me, so the comparisons to movie Get Out and novel My Sister, The Serial Killer pulled me in. When you think about it, reality is actually far more horrifying than any story you could make up.

Cherish Whitman and Farrah Turner are best friends and the only two Black girls in their country club community. When Farrah’s Black parents foreclose on their home, Farrah moves in with Cherish and her white adoptive parents, Brianne and Jerry Whitman.

They open their home to Farrah, but she is determined to be in control. An example of that is something Farrah says: “She isn’t just the home I’ve chosen; I’m the one who mattered. I’m the one who saw her. When she thought she was comfortable in the life her parents made for her, even with their hair and skin care classes, their social awareness, and the way they’ve been intentional in raising a healthy, protected Black daughter. They made her vulnerable. They gave her a void, and I filled it.”

Cherish Farrah takes a while to build, but it’s worth it for the ending. The story is told from Farrah’s point of view, a seventeen-year-old who is obsessed with control. She deeply analyzes every word and action that comes at her to keep everyone under her thumb. She does not let her mask down for anyone, especially Cherish, who she likes to call WGS — White Girl Spoiled. Well, she’s not wrong. Cherish is spoiled and coddled in a way that even upper-class Black parents can’t afford to do.

Cherish doesn’t understand just how privileged she is. But that naivety just means she’s easier to manipulate by Farrah. Staying at Cherish’s house should be the best possible thing — except that from the moment Farrah gets there, she can’t quite seem to feel like she has any control at all. Farrah’s mother thinks there’s something wrong with her daughter, and she…

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