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Adoptee Gives Her Own Baby in Adoption to Her Friend


Adoptee Gives Her Own Baby in Adoption to Her Friend

When a mom-of-three told her parents she wished to have a baby with her husband to give to her friend, they freaked out. While she was hurt, she knew she was only doing what her mother had done for her parents. 

Not everyone is lucky to have someone who cares and loves them wholeheartedly. But the story we’re sharing today would reinforce your faith in love and friendship. Rachel Schwartz from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, always wanted to be a mother.

She met her husband in college and instantly felt a connection with him. They dropped out of college, and their son was born on February 6, 2010. After a year, her husband left for boot camp, and she followed him to California.

Valerie and Rachel Schwartz [Left]. Valerie and Jamie holding their adopted son, Jacob Prince [Right]. | Photo:

The couple welcomed their baby girl on January 23, 2013. On one such occasion when her husband was away on duty, Schwartz met Valerie at her father-in-law’s place. She cleaned for her father-in-law on weekends. 

Soon, Valerie fell in love with Schwartz’s kids, and the two women became friends. Valerie told Schwartz that her endometriosis caused complications in her pregnancy. Schwartz saw as Valerie struggled with her last failed attempt at IVF.

Then, she and her husband moved into their place and got pregnant with their third child. They welcomed their baby boy on October 28, 2017. Sadly, a horrific fire ruined their house, and Schwartz and the family moved back in with her father-in-law. 

After moving in, Schwartz found out that Valerie was adopting a baby. Unfortunately, the child’s father changed his mind and stepped in days before birth. Consequently, the adoption became void, and Valerie was heartbroken. 

On June 2, 2016, Howell, a mom of two boys, gave birth to Crews Asher Britt via C-section with Britt by her side.

One fateful day, Valerie sat down with the couple as they tried to comfort her. After some time, Schwartz’s husband turned to Valerie and said, “Well, we could always give you one of ours.” 

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