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Adrian Peterson’s Shocked After He Was Arrested for Domestic Violence At Airport


Adrian Peterson’s Shocked After He Was Arrested for Domestic Violence At Airport

NFL free agent Adrian Peterson said he’s “mind blown” after he was arrested for a domestic dispute he had with his wife at Los Angeles International Airport.

Peterson was arrested last Sunday morning over claims of domestic violence on an aircraft bound for Houston, ESPN reported. Police responded to a call around 8:30 a.m. about “a verbal and physical altercation between a male suspect and a female victim.”

Peterson was arrested and had a $50,000 bail. Later that afternoon, he was released on bond.

A representative for Peterson confirmed that Peterson and his wife, Ashley, “had a verbal argument” on the way to Houston. During the argument, Peterson grabbed Ashley’s wedding ring and ended up scratching her finger. According to the rep, Ashley Peterson has no plans to press charges.

“I was literally mind-blown that they took me to jail” Peterson told FOX 26. “They were like, I’m sorry Mr. Peterson, but because she had a scratch on her finger, (IN) The State of California, we have to take you in.”

“I sit there and watch the plane pull back and take off and I’m just like, ‘Wow! I cannot believe this is happening right now. I’m going to jail, and I literally didn’t do anything.’”

“It’s blown out of proportion,” he said.

“Me and the wife got into an argument on the plane. That was pretty much the gist of it. I ended up grabbing her hand and taking her ring off her finger. She didn’t press any charges. The state of California pressed charges because there was a scratch on her hand. Literally, that’s why I went to jail because the ring left a scratch on her finger. We just had a disagreement. I know the headlines: Domestic violence. You’d think I beat her up or something. It was nothing like that.”

Peterson seemingly insinuated that a fellow female passenger was the cause of the argument.

“Only thing I will say is it looks horrible because Adrian Peterson [was] arrested for domestic violence. I don’t hit women. It’s not that type of situation, and it just looks bad. I’ll deal with it, and God willing, get the…

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