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Ailing Old Lady Takes Granddaughter’s Bedroom to Rest, but Is Kicked Out the Same Day — Story of the Day


Ailing Old Lady Takes Granddaughter’s Bedroom to Rest, but Is Kicked Out the Same Day — Story of the Day

A sick old woman was withdrawn from a care home by her son and was set up comfortably in her granddaughter’s bedroom until the girl returned and kicked her out. 

Felicia Stone was a 14-year-old girl who was the only child born to her parents. “If you ever attempt to carry another child, it is very likely that you will lose your life in the process,” Evan Johnson, their doctor, had told them after they started looking into making more kids. 

Apparently, the woman, whose name was Ruby, had a severe case of PCOS, which could make child-bearing a difficult and life-threatening experience. 

Felicia didn’t want her grandmother staying in her bedroom and tried to kick her out | Source: Shutterstock

Knowing that they could not have more kids of their own naturally saddened the couple, and to escape that feeling, they poured all their love and adoration into their only child. 

At her age, the girl had not encountered any form of hardship because her parents, John and Ruby Stone, made sure she had everything. 

They did all this while raising their child in a morally upright manner so that she knew the proper way to behave. It seemed to be going well; Felicia was a straight-A student, and she was also nice — most of the time.

One day, she returned from school to see her room door left ajar. She never left it open because she valued her privacy, and she was certain it had been closed when she left for school that morning. 

It annoyed her, but what she found inside the room got her angry — her paternal grandmother Elise was lying on her bed. A quick look around the room showed her things crammed into the living space making everything look messy, something the tidy little girl always tried to avoid. 

Felicia found her grandmother inside her bedroom | Source: Pexels

“What are you doing here, grandma?” she asked, trying and failing to keep the annoyance out of her voice. 

“Hi honey. Your father said I could stay with you for the time being,” Elise said.

The response made Felicia mad. She took a U-turn and made a beeline to her father’s study, a place where he did all his work and made her do all her homework. They had…

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