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Akbar V Pens A Sweet Note To Her Boyfriend For Teaching Her Patience


Akbar V Pens A Sweet Note To Her Boyfriend For Teaching Her Patience

One thing about Akbar V, she has no issue sharing a lil’ bitty bit of her business! Most recently, the reality television star took to Twitter to debut her new boo. Along with a video of Facetime sessions between them, Akbar V just how her man keeps her heart fluttering.

“I thank God for you, cause of u I’m learning patience not quite yet got that humble part down but I’m working on it you my headache but I’m yours too,” Akbar tweeted.

Akbar V Beefin’ Energy 

The message of love is a change of pace from her recent presence on the platform. You may recall she exchanged fiery words with influencer and entrepreneur Alexis Sky in December. Akbar called Alexis “messy” for answering a question on Instagram about the status of their friendship.

“Shawty so messy u don’t have to answer questions…u only answering the ones like that to get a response,” Akbar V tweeted. “I would’ve just looked over the question and answered the positive ones… I’m so different the old me would’ve never mind… God bless you, stank.”

Akbar V continued to set her sights on calling out Alexis. She continued blasting the influencer saying that Alexis Skyy knows how to “pay victim” but is also “messy and distasteful.”

Akbar V Finds Love 

Nonetheless, Akbar V gave that insight to a more tender part of her life on Tuesday. She continued listing details about her man’s contributions in her life to her initial tweet.

“Thank you for helping me with my kids and teaching me things I don’t know Philly got sum real n****s no matter wat I got u shawty.”

Apparently, the couple have been dating for the last eight months. Despite being official, the pair is seemingly holding off on another aspect of their budding relationship.

“8 months into my relationship and ain’t had no type of sex I been holding my dawg down,” Akbar V tweeted. “I’m doing good with being celibate…it’s so peaceful.”

At this time, there’s no true details available about Akbar V’s new man or his identity.

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