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AllHipHop Presents Battle Rap Superlatives: The Best of 2021


AllHipHop Presents Battle Rap Superlatives: The Best of 2021

It’s that time of the year when all kinds of “Best of Lists” are dropping and like last year, is sure to shake up the battle rap culture with one of the most explosive collections of superlatives on this side of Hip-Hop.

We’ve already crowned Nas, the 90s OG who dropped three extraordinary joints in 2021 (King’s Disease II, It Was Written (Expanded 25th Anniversary Edition) and Magic), the Emcee of the Year, and Jadakiss as Person of the Year because of their exceptional lyrical ability. Now, it is time for us to name Male and Female Battle Rapper of the Year, highlighting those spitters that have taken the subculture to a frenzied new height over the past year.

There are tons of other lists that have dropped in the battle rap culture, but our list differs in one major way. It is fan-based. 

In December, launched a survey asking fans to fill out their choices for ten different categories, and boy did they come through. With close to 5,000 ballots submitted, this is the most comprehensive list of the culture (and we mean the people that buy tickets to events, download and pay subscriptions for the apps, purchase mech and lurk YouTube day-in and day-out to see what is new in the world).

They kept it real! Affirming a lot of the stuff that most battle rap fans know and dispelling certain “facts” that some competitive emcees would have us believe.

AllHipHop likes to think that these lists … and the opinions expressed in these lists by our faithful audience (that overwhelmingly overlaps with the battle rap culture … it is not as exclusive as you think) … are the precursors to Jay Blacc’s Champion of the Year and Woman of the Year and the upcoming Ultimate Rap League Awards coming in the Spring.

Alright … enough of this … Here is the list.

Top Battle Rap Event of the Year

Fans voted overwhelmingly for Drake’s birthday bash as the card of the year. To no surprise, the 2021 Top Battle Rap Event list is dominated by Ultimate Rap League events. The league hosted 28 major events, produced on the Caffeine streaming service, and…

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