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Andrea Bordeaux Exits ‘Run The World’ Due To Vaccination Requirement for Filming


Andrea Bordeaux Exits ‘Run The World’ Due To Vaccination Requirement for Filming

Starz’ hit Harlem-based sisterhood comedy Run The World is down a core cast member, as Andrea Bordeaux has exited the program. The actress’ departure comes as production has mandated that all cast members be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to filming for season 2 of the series.

According to Deadline, Lionsgate requires all cast and crew working in non-PPE production zones on their sets to be fully vaccinated.

Bordeaux, who plays ambitious journalist Ella on the hit dramedy series, reportedly engaged in several conversations with members of Lionsgate’s team regarding her concerns about the mandate, with attempts made find solutions and workarounds to assuage them.

Ultimately, both sides could not come to an agreement, resulting in her exit from the show.

Whereas reports originally claimed that Bordeaux chose to exit the show on her own volition, the actress took to her Instagram to clarify that she was actually fired over the matter.

“Getting the opportunity to play Ella on #RunTheWorld was an absolute dream come true,” she wrote on Instagram. “I would have loved to continue to grow with this delightful character and having to come to terms with this sharp turn in my life, my dream, and career these past several weeks has been heartbreaking beyond words.”

“Despite what the article says, I did not opt to leave the series and Lionsgate made no efforts to find a workable solution. I was fired.”

She went on to express empathy and solidarity with anyone else who has had to lose out on opportunities due to their conviction on the virus and vaccination.

“My heart is with all of the people around the world who feel that they are losing so much due to their choice to stand in their convictions and to honor their deepest core beliefs,” she wrote. “What I know for certain is that when you are leading with your heart and honoring the path that Spirit has laid out for you, nothing can be taken away that will not be returned 1000…

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