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Ashanti Responds to Irv Gotti’s Comments About Her Re-Recording Her Debut Album


Ashanti Responds to Irv Gotti’s Comments About Her Re-Recording Her Debut Album

Ashanti responded during a Dec. 10 appearance on “The Breakfast Club” to Murder Inc. co-founder Irv Gotti‘s viral comments about her re-recording her debut album.

Last month, Gotti claimed that he owns the singer’s earlier albums and their masters while commenting under a post of Ashanti’s past interview with Angie Martinez where she discussed the importance of an artist owning their masters. He also accused Ashanti of trying to screw him over financially by having fans pick the updated version of the album that she plans to record.

Ashanti responds to Irv Gotti’s viral comment about the singer wanting to re-record her debut album. (Photo: @breakfastclubpower105.1FM/YouTube)

In her recent appearance, Ashanti explained why she is re-recording her debut album, while opening up about its business aspects.

She said on mark 1:24, “So as an artist, when you are in the game for a certain amount of time, you pay your dues, and things are supposed to come back to you. When you have a legal team that does what they are supposed to do so that you are able to function and own so with my album being 20 years old in April, obviously it makes sense to re-record so that I can collect my coins.”

In the discussion, the singer also emphasized that artists are given the right to re-record their older projects. She said once it’s completed and sent to streaming platforms all of the compensation from the sales will go to that artist.

“You get the right to re-record. So what happens is once I re-record that and that’s available that’s what goes to all of the streaming platforms and all of those residuals and that money comes to me.”

When the topic of masters negotiations with Gotti came up, the “Foolish” singer disclosed an instance where she did have a conversation with the music executive about wanting her files for touring purposes. Ashanti claimed that it was an issue with Gotti.

She said on mark 3:23, “So for me, what I spoke about was giving me my files so when I’m performing on tour, the band has what they need to collectively create the records the right way. So…

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