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At Old Millionaire’s Funeral, Young Widow Gets Scared When She Hears Him Knock from the Coffin — Story of the Day


At Old Millionaire’s Funeral, Young Widow Gets Scared When She Hears Him Knock from the Coffin — Story of the Day

In San Francisco, California, a funeral service took an unusual turn when a widow approached her late husband’s coffin to bid him farewell and heard a knock from inside.

Paul Davis had almost everything a man could desire in his life. He had a successful business, a lovely family consisting of a loving wife and daughter, and a wonderful home in a beautiful neighborhood of San Francisco, California.

But, sadly, his perfect life came crashing down one day when he learned that his wife and daughter had died in a fatal car crash orchestrated by one of his business rivals.

Paul lost his family in an airplane crash | Photo: Shutterstock

Paul was on a business trip to Texas at the time, but as soon as he received the devastating news, he flew back to California, hoping it was all a bad dream that would end soon, but unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Paul was devastated after losing his family, to say the least. He became depressed, refused to do anything, and stayed in bed for weeks. His company began to lose money, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was his family! He wanted his wife Linda and his daughter Claire, who would be waiting for him every night when he returned home.

When Paul’s secretary, Mr. Jones, saw him in such distress, he was very concerned and decided to visit him. “Mr. Davis,” he said. “I understand it’s difficult for you to let go of what happened, but you must. You can’t just throw everything away like that.”

“Mr. Jones,” Paul said quietly. “At this point, I don’t care about anything. I want my wife and daughter to return! We had such a lovely family! But it – it all…just…how could it…” Paul’s eyes welled up as he spoke.

Mr. Jones had been with Paul since the beginning of the company. They had been working together for nearly 15 years at the time. He genuinely cared about Paul and felt it was his responsibility to help him get through this difficult time.

Mr. Jones helped Paul get out of depression | Photo: Pexels

So he gradually began approaching him with office work to divert his attention from his family. Sometimes he would purposefully make errors in the company’s reports, and when Paul saw it one…

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