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Best gaming laptop deals for February 2022


Best gaming laptop deals for February 2022

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Not long ago, gaming laptops were widely regarded as a questionable value (at best), but those days are well behind us. PC hardware has now advanced to the point that the best gaming laptops can hang with desktop battle stations thanks to mobile GPUs capable of running the latest AAA games with ease. Many gaming laptops even sport displays with vertical sync technologies and high refresh rates, which are features you used to see only on desktop gaming monitors. You don’t have to empty your bank account to get a good gaming laptop in 2022, either. Our roundup of the week’s best gaming laptop deals proves it. Here’s your chance to score a beefy portable battle station and save a load of cash:

Today’s best gaming laptop deals

The MSI GF63 is the perfect entry-level laptop for gamers on a budget. It boasts superior graphics, fast performance, and hi-res audio in a thin and light package.


HP has built some serious gaming rep, and this laptop backs that up with its superb hardware and solid build. With a high-end GPU, CPU, and 16″ display, laggy gaming will be a thing of the past.


With rebate

Future-proof your gaming with this top-end beast. It’s maxed out in almost every way, with a superb GPU, plenty of memory and storage, and great build quality. It’s close to gaming perfection.


With rebate

Bring your games to life like never before with this Gigabyte Aero gaming laptop, featuring a gorgeous 17-inch 4K display and superb hardware to match.


OLED Touchscreen

It’s not as gaming-focused as its larger siblings, but if you want a sleek and powerful duty-grade laptop that can still game, the 13-inch Razer Blade Stealth gives the MacBook a run for its…

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