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Best iPhone VPN of 2022


Best iPhone VPN of 2022

Do you really need a VPN, or virtual private network, on your iPhone? If you want to improve your privacy on your smartphone, then yes — an iPhone VPN is a good way to keep your online information secure and give you private internet access when you’re on the go. It can also help you get past streaming service geoblocking and avoid ad tracking. 

And I have good news for iPhone users: It’s now possible to find a number of VPNs that are easier to use and more reliable than ever before — and they’re optimized for mobile. 

With more people now working remotely, the mobile VPN market has been booming. Over 480 million mobile VPN apps were downloaded around the globe in just 12 months between 2019 and 2020, according to a report from research firm Top10VPN. That’s 54% more than the year before. While free services made up 84% of all mobile VPN downloads, we recommend you use a tried-and-true paid VPN and avoid free VPN apps whenever possible. That means getting your money’s worth is important. 

This list is essentially a subset of our main best VPN list but specifically focuses on VPN clients for those seeking mobile browsing protection for their iPhone or other iOS device. If and when a service is ranked higher here than on our main list, it’s because the mobile app experience was superior. (You can check out our picks for the best Android VPNs, too.) 

Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best iPhone VPNs. Keep in mind that this is an evolving list: We’re actively working on more hands-on testing and research, so keep checking back as we expect this list to change throughout the year. Here are the top VPN apps for iPhone that we’ve tested so far this year. 


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