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Best LG TV Deals for February 2022


Best LG TV Deals for February 2022

When you’re shopping for a new TV, you’ll find a range of 4K TV deals available in all sorts of sizes and styles. If you’re overwhelmed by the choices available and not sure where to start looking, then you can always turn to a well-known, trusted brand like LG, with a reputation for high quality products and for incorporating innovative new features into its TVs.

However, that reputation means that LG TVs can be pricey. We can help save you some cash on your next LG TV purchase though, as we’ve hunted down the best cheap LG TV deals and shared them below. You’ll find offers from a range of the most popular retailers on great new LG TVs, whether you’re after something large and cutting edge or something more affordable.

Best LG TV deals

70-Inch LG NanoCell 75 Series 4K TV
$900, was $1,200

LG 65-inch Class A1 Series OLED 4K TV
$1,400, was $1,800

75-inch LG Class NanoCell 99 Series LED 8K
$2,000, was $3,500

75-Inch LG Class 99 Series Mini-LED 8K TV
$3,300, was $4,800

77-Inch LG Class G1 Series OLED evo 4K TV
$3,700, was $4,300

If you enjoy the brightness of an LED display but you want higher resolution than your average 4K TV, this option from LG has 8K resolution and Mini-LED technology for a brighter image.


With a fast quad-core processor for upscaling content to 4K and a NanoCell display, this TV will look exceptional and its filmmaker mode allows you to see movies as their creators intended.


For those who love streaming and want everything in one convenient purchase, this bundle contains a mount, surge adapter, and streaming card as well as a great 75-inch TV.


Enjoy stunning colors and high resolution with this LG NanoCell TV, for a crisp 8K image along with smart features and voice…

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