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Best Prostate Massager 2022: The Best Prostate Massagers Will Unlock the Back Door


Best Prostate Massager 2022: The Best Prostate Massagers Will Unlock the Back Door

A prostate massager is simply one of the most pleasurable sex toys for men there is. It will give you stronger, harder orgasms. And if that’s enough of an endorsement for you, fantastic, keep scrolling, enjoy yourself. 

For everyone else, let’s start with an anatomy lesson. If you have male sexual organs, you have a prostate, a walnut-sized gland located just two or three inches past your anus. This thing is jam-packed with nerve endings. When properly stimulated, it can lead to Earth-shattering, full-body orgasms. You know how when you typically ejaculate, it feels great—and localized to your genital area? When you get off with a prostate massager inside you, you feel it everywhere. We’re talking left pinky toe and right eyeball. It’s great. 

Now, the best way to stimulate the prostate is with a dedicated prostate massager. They differ from some of the other best sex toys for men like butt plugs or Fleshlights and masturbators because they are specifically designed to hit that button. That’s why most of them look pretty similar, with a slightly curved bulbous head. There are differences, however. Most of them vibrate, but some don’t. Some are small and friendly for first-timers, while others are a bit bigger. And some of them have a second part that hugs your perineum, that strip of skin that extends between your anus and the base of your testicles. (You know, the taint.) This helps to keep the prostate massager in place so you can move around and do stuff like penetrate your partner while the massager remains firmly tucked away. (This also makes it one of the best sex toys for couples!) 

If you’ve never dabbled in any anal play, we know this can all sound intimidating. But on the other hand—why not? Those nerve endings are already back in there, just waiting for a little stimulation.  

The Best Prostate Massager

Lelo “Hugo” prostate massager

The best massager on the market, bar none. It’s expensive, but if you plan on using it more than a few times, then there’s no reason not to splurge. The incredible precision of the vibrations separates Hugo from the pack. To control the speed and intensity, you…

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