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Best screwdriver sets for 2022


Best screwdriver sets for 2022

Don’t be that person who doesn’t have the right tool for the job — it’s like trying to eat soup with a fork. If you’re putting something together that uses Allen bolts, for example, a flat-blade screwdriver is going to be of zero value. Likewise, if you’ve got to remove a Torx-head bolt and all you have on hand are Phillips-head screwdrivers, you’re pretty much stuck.

As always, having the right tool for the job makes life much easier. And the good news is, unlike tool sets or wrenches, it’s eminently affordable to have a vast array of individual screwdrivers on hand. You can get a great set of these tools for the price of a chicken Caesar salad. Do I have your attention now or are you still thinking about food? Here are some great screwdriver sets you should consider adding to your toolbox. These recommendations are based on personal experience as well as real-world customer reviews.

And make sure to read on after the list to arm yourself with more information about screwdrivers, so you’re in the know when shopping for the perfect set of quality screwdrivers for your garage.

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For general-purpose work like putting furniture together, fixing a broken light switch or repairing something on a vehicle, this set of Craftsman screwdrivers is just about perfect. For maximum versatility, it…

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