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Care about the Super Bowl halftime show? Change your TV’s audio settings first


Care about the Super Bowl halftime show? Change your TV’s audio settings first

Tired of muffled TV audio? You can fix it.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you’re watching the big game on your TV this weekend, you might be struggling to understand what all the voices are saying. Sure, you can hear the noise loud and clear, but you can’t quite decipher the words. Whether the roaring crowds are drowning out the commentators or the music is overpowering the dialogue in the commercials, bad sound quality is a real downer when you’re trying to enjoy watching the big game.

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One common culprit is the design of flatscreen TVs, which are so thin that they can’t accommodate hefty built-in speakers. Sure, you can turn on subtitles, but you shouldn’t have to if you don’t want to. If you’re struggling to understand dialogue, there may be a few speaker settings — similar to picture settings — you can tweak to fix the problem. You might also decide you need a new soundbar or other audio system to replace those TV speakers. We’ve reviewed a bunch and picked the soundbars most helpful for understanding TV dialogue.

So whether you’re using the TV speakers or a separate sound system, here are three things you can do to fix that muffled, incomprehensible audio.

1. Check your TV’s sound settings

TV speakers often sound terrible, but most TVs have settings you can use to improve their audio. Recently, some friends called me to fix their TV sound — they said the dialogue was boomy and hard to understand. Upon arriving, I found the soundtrack was distorted at anything but the quietest levels. A look inside the settings uncovered why: Someone had created a weird Custom mode with the…

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