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Chloe Bailey trends for moaning and sensual movements during performance (video)


Chloe Bailey trends for moaning and sensual movements during performance (video)

Chloe Bailey (Image Source: [email protected])

R&B singer Chlöe is, once again, trending on social media after posting a cover of Minnie Riperton’s classic “Lovin You.”

lovin you • minnie ripperton 🦋

— Chlöe (@ChloeBailey) January 24, 2022

The one-minute, 53-second video showed one-half of the ChloeXHalle duo in a purple dress, hitting every falsetto note of the tune. The final riff of the chorus is one of music’s most-known moments.

“When you hit a note you’ve been waiting to hit your whole life,” Bailey tweeted after posting the cover.

However, social media users pointed out one other part of the video- her moan.

She can’t be serious.

— the zane show (@hellofazaneshow) January 24, 2022

Bailey’s moan brought up a battle between users on whether or not the 23 year old is overly-sexual. The topic has been a reoccurring theme on social media for the past few years whenever the singer has posted a racy photo of herself.

“Why are you showing so much skin?” Bailey once read during an Instagram live. She retweeted the clip again once the latest online discussion picked up on Jan. 25. “Because I can. It’s my body. I’m so proud of it, and I hope you’re proud of yours, too.”

She also added another post on Jan. 24 seemingly addressing the conversation.

“I like how you can’t criticize my singing or who I am as an artist, so people find something else,” Bailey tweeted, with a smiley-faced angel-halo emoji. “That’s a compliment.”

Bailey also posted the clip of Ripperton performing the song, specifically at the part Riperton moans, on her Instagram story.

HAHAHA @ChloeBailey said y’all tried it, I gave how it was supposed to be given. Right idea wrong one, hello somebody 👋🏾 👋🏾

— CHLOE STAN ACCOUNT (@myvibecorner) January 24, 2022

With her name trending on Twitter, a fan posted a video of Bailey making a beat. Bailey retweeted the post and commented “I should do more of these.”

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