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Chopper From MTVs “Making The Band” Extradited To Vegas On Sex-Trafficking Charges 


Chopper From MTVs “Making The Band” Extradited To Vegas On Sex-Trafficking Charges 

Chopper was arrested following an undercover operation where he told a cop posing as a sex worker he would make them part of his “stable.”

Chopper, one of the former stars of MTV’s Making The Band was arrested in an undercover sex-trafficking sting and is now facing pimping charges.  

According to TMZ, Chopper is being extradited to Las Vegas to face sex trafficking charges after being arrested in Maryland earlier this month.  

Detectives from Nevada’s vice squad say Chopper’s social media displayed evidence of a potential sex-trafficking operation, prompting them to launch an investigation. Cops searched his Instagram account and found posts referring pimping and prostitution. They reference one image of Chopper on a plane with the caption “Sending em,” alongside a money bag and crown emoji. 

They claim legal docs show he was busted after being contacted by an undercover vice detective who posed as a Sin City sex worker. The Nevada cop privately messaged the rapper on Instagram, offering him the chance to make some money through prostitution. 

The undercover cop states Chopper bragged to police during phone calls. He spoke of frequently traveling across the country, where he has seven homes, including one in Vegas. The former TV star also warned the detective that Sin City was no longer a safe place to operate due to law enforcement crackdowns.  

Nonetheless, the cops claim after passing a phone interview Chopper told them he would bring them on his “team” and make them part of his “stable.” 

They claim Chopper then switched his attitude, becoming aggressive during phone conversations. He began to boss them about, directing them to pack and fly to Charlotte, N.C. to join his “stable.” 

However, cops say they stalled Chopper telling him they were scared to leave, but he got angry. After attempting to force them to meet him, he demanded a $2,000 fee. 

Nevada police claim to have enough evidence to arrest and charge Chopper with felony sex trafficking. 

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