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Clarke Peters from ‘La Fortuna’ on the Beauty of Acting – Black Girl Nerds


Clarke Peters from ‘La Fortuna’ on the Beauty of Acting – Black Girl Nerds

Clarke Peters’ warmth immediately radiated through the screen as he appeared. Best known for his roles in The Wire, Treme, and Da 5 Bloods, his countenance was like many of the characters he portrays. He was debonaire with a smooth voice, a salt-and-pepper beard, a Kangol, and a wooden beaded necklace — all the markings of one cool gentleman. With a charming smile, he opened the call, “Black Girl Nerds. This is something else,” at which we both laughed. 

We continued to exchange pleasantries about time zones and weather. For him, it was a cool evening in beautiful Portugal; for me, a cool morning on the Georgia coastline. We fell easily into conversation about his upcoming role in La Fortuna on AMC+.

Tell us about La Fortuna and the character you play in the series.

La Fortuna is a story of a treasure hunter who meets a man of high moral quality who is not into appropriating riches from another country. I play an international maritime lawyer who tries to do the right thing. There are echoes for some people’s culture, whether it’s an Egyptian head, or anything that doesn’t belong there but belongs someplace else. I play the lawyer who tries to make sure those items get back in the right place.

La Fortuna is a fictitious ship; however, it is loosely based on the Nuestra Senora de Las Mercedes (Our Lady of Mercy). Did the role encourage you to research the legal battle over Our Lady’s treasure?

I’m afraid I’m just into telling the story. I didn’t look into the history, but what I gleaned from it was that this event did happen. There were and still are treasures sitting at the bottom of the ocean, which individuals who can afford to are stealing. This lays the foundation for further conversations about misappropriation.

What is your approach to learning and developing the characters that you play?

Well, it really depends on the character, the context, and the genre. If it’s a truly historical piece then I will have to go and do some research. I just finished playing Whitney Houston’s dad. I had to find out who this man was, and I found…

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