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Cole Hauser Is Hollywood Royalty & Found Out About His Famous Dad’s Identity When He Was 9 Years Old


Cole Hauser Is Hollywood Royalty & Found Out About His Famous Dad’s Identity When He Was 9 Years Old

Cole Hauser’s parents divorced when the young actor was two years old. It took the youngster seven years before he got to know his father after seeing his name during the ending credits of a movie on Television.

Cole Hauser’s most famous role has come from portraying the character Rip Wheeler on Paramount Network’s hit series “Yellowstone.”

The actor’s parents are some of his biggest supporters, especially his father, who is also a cowboy and an actor himself. 

Cole Hauser from ‘Yellowstone’ at an event [left] “Yellowstone” actor, Cole Hauser as a child in a tree [right] | Source: Getty Images

Cole and his father have not always been buddies because the young actor was raised by his mother, and it took him nine years before he even knew who his father was. 

Cole Hauser was born to his father, Wings Hauser, and mother, Cass Warner. His mother is an award-winning writer and producer and the founder of the production company “Warner Sisters.”

His parents divorced when Cole was only two years old, and Cass raised the youngster as a single mother. She also never remarried. 

Cass described Cole was born at dawn on a ranch in Santa Barbara, and growing up, the youngster was always interested in life and living fully. 

He was also very curious, and, at five years old, Cole would wander into the Oregon woods to explore with the family’s two Irish setter dogs. 

Cole would always show up later with a smile on his face and, after lunch, hop on his small cinnamon pony and practice sliding over her head. 

Cole Hauser during “Tigerland” Los Angeles Premiere at Zanuck Theatre | Source: Getty Images


Cole was about nine years old when he watched a movie in which his father appeared. The youngster did not recognize him, but he saw the name Wings Hauser during the ending credits.

Afterward, he went to his mother to demand an explanation as to who Wings Hauser was, and Cass subsequently revealed Wings was his father. 

His father, Gerald Dwight Hauser, became popularly known as “Wings” after releasing an album titled “Your Love Keeps Me Off the Streets” under the pseudonym…

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