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Dating App Hinge To Give Single Parents $100 Child Care Stipend Just In Time For Valentine’s Day


Dating App Hinge To Give Single Parents $100 Child Care Stipend Just In Time For Valentine’s Day


Dating can be like trying to navigate the jungle. Not only are you in for potentially beautiful surprises, but you might encounter a few booby traps in the process. If you add being a single person with children to the mix, dating can be even more challenging. To give single parents the best chance at making a connection this Valentine’s Day, Hinge—a popular dating app that says it’s “meant to be deleted”—is giving parents $100 stipends to cover the costs of child care to go on a date. The company has been doing this since 2020.

Hinge did some user research and found that 63 percent of single people with children note that it’s difficult to go on dates because they struggle to find quality and affordable child care. More than half (59 percent) rely on friends or family to help watch their kids. Another hurdle 53 percent of these daters face is not easily meeting people who are ok getting involved with someone with a child. While that latter finding may not be helped, the company wants to be of support where it can to ensure single moms and dads can have an opportunity to make a connection.

Hinge also looked at the top 10 cities for singles with children based on two primary factors–where they had meaningful conversations and where they went on good dates. As it turns out, single moms and dads are living it up in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City, which made it to the top three. Rounding out the top three were also San Francisco, Phoenix, Virginia Beach, Orlando, Miami and Dallas.

The dating app has become popular as it uses an algorithm to match users with compatible suggestions based on answers to questions connected to religion, education, and day-to-day life.

The app also asks about how dates go and uses that data to put prospective dates on your radar. Another attractive feature Hinge has is the use of prompts to help spark conversation. Prospects can like your answer to said prompts, and that can be an effective way to…

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