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Does Robert Irwin Have a Girlfriend? Inside His Rumored Relationship with Emmy Perry


Does Robert Irwin Have a Girlfriend? Inside His Rumored Relationship with Emmy Perry

Robert Irwin, the son of late conservationist Steve Irwin, has made a name for himself since taking over from his famous father. A handsome young man, fans can’t help but be intrigued by his love life. Here’s what we know of Robert Irwin’s girlfriend.

Robert Irwin’s recent encounter with a tourist who seemed infatuated with him became viral on TikTok. In a video posted to the popular platform, a woman asked him for his phone number while at the zoo.

But the budding television personality politely declined, telling the zoogoer that she could reach him via Instagram DMs instead. The video of the encounter, which happened in mid-June 2022, spread online and sparked intrigue, with fans wondering whether the 18-year-old was already seeing someone else.


Robert later opened up about the encounter, saying it made his entire day. But, if rumors are to be believed, someone else has been making the good-looking conservationist happy for some time now.

Not long after rumors about their romance began to swirl, rising Hollywood actress Emmy Perry posted a video of her hanging out with Robert. Several hours after uploading the video, she posted a cryptic quote that might be a response to the gossip.

The actress recently flew to Queensland to spend time with Robert. She shared glimpses of their time at the Australia Zoo, including a video of them taking a turtle back to its natural habitat.

There has been no confirmation that Robert and Emmy are a couple, although they have been reported to be friends for quite some time. They were spotted together as early as 2019 when they went to Disneyland.

They met at the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Los Angeles earlier that year. Emmy also greeted him on his birthday in 2020 with a touching post that confirmed they had spent a lot of time together.

In addition to her acting career, Emmy, who hails from Newport Beach, California, is an animal rights activist who also happens to be the heiress of a $380 million videogame fortune.

Emmy is the daughter of Northern Irish videogame developer David Perry, who is behind various hit games for 16-bit consoles in…

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