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Domestika raises $110M on a $1.3B valuation to expand its learning community for creative types – TechCrunch


Domestika raises $110M on a $1.3B valuation to expand its learning community for creative types – TechCrunch

The creative community has been a ripe target for startups building tools and services to serve their interests and needs as they transition from their traditionally offline practices into a digital present and future. In one of the latest developments, Domestika — a popular site that creates and sells online video tutorials and courses covering a range of visual arts and related skills, building a larger community around that content where members can also interact and learn from each other — has raised $110 million in funding on a $1.3 billion valuation.

This Series D is being led by Zeev Ventures, a longtime investor, with additional contributions from GSV and other unnamed, private investors, and it has now raised around $200 million to date. Its current valuation of $1.3 billion is a huge hike on its last round, in October 2021, when Domestika closed a modest $20 million Series C on a $350 million valuation, according to PitchBook data.

A lot is going into the logic behind those numbers. First of all is the size of the company today. Domestika currently offers more than 2,000 courses, created by 1,300 creative professionals, and it’s adding on average 110 new courses every month, covering subjects as diverse as crocheting techniques, painting animals, and editing for Instagram. It has more than 8 million members, and they have collectively taken more than 13 million courses.

“And those numbers are growing,” co-founder and CEO Julio G. Cotorruelo said in an interview, referring to the the courses, but also the company’s community of users. “It’s starting to be a big number. At this scale, no one is doing the amount of creative courses that we are.” The courses are produced by Domestika, but in conjunction with the teachers, “great professionals but maybe not great at producing an online course,” Cotorruelo said. “So we do it together. Then at the end of the day, the teachers are members of our community, too. The wheel never stops.”

There are courses presented in English, French, German and Italian, and additionally all courses feature subtitles in English, Spanish,…

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