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Eco-Friendly Brands New Parents Should Try


Eco-Friendly Brands New Parents Should Try

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In case you missed the memo, the average American produces 4.9 pounds of municipal solid waste per person, per day according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Curious about what we waste the most? Food, followed by plastic and paper. As parents, we give birth to little humans who contribute to these figures. No one can deny that growing kids need tons of stuff. 

Regardless, we can make a conscious effort to minimize our waste as families if we put a little more thought into it. 

Will a few reusable diapers or one organic crib sheet save the planet? Probably not. However, modeling sustainable practices to our kids and immediate circle throughout our lifetime can have a ripple effect and ignite change. 

We’ve put together a roundup of a few brands doing a good work by producing eco-friendly baby products. Feel free to celebrate Earth Day by supporting these brands and ultimately, the planet our future generations will inhabit. 

Janie and Jack 

Children’s clothing brand Janie and Jack sells recycled swimwear, with an entire collection dedicated to it. The sustainable collection is comprised of Earth Day prints and the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. Ready for the icing on the cake? The swimwear has SPF 50+ sun protection.

Growing kids will always need clothing items–it’s an inevitability that parents can’t escape. You can, however, be conscious about the types of clothing items you buy and go for recycled items. Happy shopping! 

Le Petit Organic 

Le Petit Organic is on a mission to create diversity and inclusion in the kids clothing marketplace. A majority of their vintage collection is handmade using natural fibers and organic cotton. The clothes are vibrant, colorful and sustainable. Feel free to pass them down from baby to baby. 


Ready.Set.Food is a first-of-its-kind baby food that contains 100 percent organic mulled whole grain oats. Organic…

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