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(Exclusive Vid) Oop! Kid Cudi Seemingly Wanted To Put The Paws On Paparazzi For Asking Him About Kanye West


(Exclusive Vid) Oop! Kid Cudi Seemingly Wanted To Put The Paws On Paparazzi For Asking Him About Kanye West

Whew! Kid Cudi wasn’t here for anybody asking him anything about Kanye West.

On Sunday night, the 38-year-old was seen leaving the SoFi Stadium following the game between the Rams and Bengals. Upon exiting, paparazzi asked about Kanye West, and he was not here for it at all.

“Cudi, what’s up, man?” He continued to walk, seemingly ignoring the question. The pap then asked a question about Kanye, “Cudi, any words from Kanye, man? That’s when Cudi was clearly sick of it and lunged at the pap. The camera goes out of frame for a quick second and you can’t see anything, but then it comes back, and you can hear and see Cudi saying, “just go,” several times. The pap responds, “leave me alone man.”

According to what happened, the pap says he thought he was going to get jumped. “He was escorted by a body guard coming out. I asked him about Kanye and he just snapped it happened so fast,” the paparazzi said. “Some guy that was with him came from behind me, I thought they were going to jump me. I backed off and blended in with the crowd. Felt like they wanted a problem and I just took off fast.”


If you recall, Kanye West took to Instagram over the weekend and informed his audience that Kid Cudi would not be on Donda 2 album. In his post, the 44-year-old wrote, “JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS CUDI WILL NOT BE ON DONDA BECAUSE HE’S FRIENDS WITH YOU KNOW WHO WE ALL SPEAK IN BILLE LANGUAGE NOW.”

Shortly after, Kanye updated his post with Kim Kardashian’s Instagram handle, her publicist, Tracy Romulus, Kid Cudi, and comedian Michael Che, Pete Davidson’s “SNL” colleague.

Moments later, Cudi responded directly underneath the Instagram post and stated he was going to pray for Yeezy. Kid Cudi wrote, “Too bad I don’t wanna be on ur album u f***in dinosaur hahahaha everyone knows ive been the best thing about ur albums since I met u. Ima pray u for brother.

Cudi also went to Twitter and let a few things off of his chest. He tweeted, “We talked weeks ago about this. You’re…

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