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Fans React After Viewing a Video of Shaq and His Daughters Playing Basketball


Fans React After Viewing a Video of Shaq and His Daughters Playing Basketball

Shaquille O’Neal’s daughters‘ height was a topic of conversation on Feb. 21 after a video of the mogul, Me’arah and Amirah O’ Neal playing basketball went viral.

The three were enjoying a little downtime while attending the NBA All-Star weekend, which took place this past weekend in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

Shaquille O’Neal fans are shocked by his daughters’ height as the trio play basketball. @thescore/Instagram

In the Instagram post, Shaq, whose height is 7 feet 1, was seen schooling his daughters Me’arah and Amirah in the game as he blocks their attempts to score and effortlessly shoots the ball in the hoop.

As the clip circulated online, many bypassed the special moment between the father and daughters and immediately zoomed in on the trio’s height difference. Fifteen-year-old Me’arah is 6 feet 4, while Amirah, 20, stands 6-2.

“Is it just me or do they not look small at all !? They gotta both be over 6’2 fasho.”

“They look normal till you realize Shaq is over 7ft.”

“Nahhhh I had to search up how tall Shaq was and damn his daughters tall asf.”

“I was just thinking the same thing they must be tall because they don’t look that small next to him.”

“They both gotta be at least 6ft tall cause boy.”

Among the height remarks, other people brought up Shaq’s basketball skills. A couple claimed his tactics while playing with Me’arah and Amirah were the same moves he used when he was in the league before retiring in 2011.

One wrote, “Shaq should be ashamed of himself lol! He ain’t in the league anymore so he abusing his daughters on an arcade setup.” Another person said, “That’s what he was doing when he was playing.”

A third social media user stated, “Lesson learned 49 year old Shaq vs girls is the same as 25 year old Shaq against grown men.”

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