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Florida Teacher Falsely Accused Of Bullying 7-Year-Old Girl, Mother Files a Lawsuit


Florida Teacher Falsely Accused Of Bullying 7-Year-Old Girl, Mother Files a Lawsuit

Witnesses, including Clark’s older brother, saw the teacher pull the girl down the bus steps and publicly accuse her of stealing a cellphone according to CBS Miami.

Adah Clark, the victim’s mother, says she was made aware of the incident, “When my child gets off the bus, other children were all around me, telling me what happened. It didn’t make sense, but by the time I got to Amaria, her arms told it all” she said.

The mother took the girl to the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s urgent-care unit and reported the assault to the Miami-Dade County Police Department (MDPD). In the police report, it says they observed red bruises on the child’s hands and wrists.

“Once the doctor came back and had to wrap her little wrist, I just broke,” the mother added. “She went from doing cartwheels up and down to now having to rest her hand on a pillow because it hurt.”

The family says that the 7-year-old suffered a sprained arm as a result of the incident and is now in a sling. The family plans to file a federal lawsuit. Clark said, “I sent her to school, the way I send her to school is the way I expect her to come back” according to CBS 4.

Clark described her adopted daughter as “loving,” “sweet,” and “kind.” She further noted that the girl, who is also developmentally delayed, is not “an evil child” or “vicious child.”

Lawyers representing the family say the teacher’s actions were in retaliation for telling school officials that she was mistreated in the class.

The Miami New Times reported that Amaria has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for students who learn differently.

The mother allegations that the teacher wouldn’t allow the second-grader to go to the bathroom, because she thought the girl was lying. The teacher didn’t regard Amaria’s medical records that say that she is under the care of a urologist for four years about issues concerning her bladder. The administration took the girl from the classroom, taking her to a different teacher not long after the incident. Attroneys allege this is motive for why she grabbed the 7-year-old from the bus and accused her of…

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