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Former Kansas Teacher Allison Fluke-Ekren Charged With Leading All-Female ISIS Battalion in Syria


Former Kansas Teacher Allison Fluke-Ekren Charged With Leading All-Female ISIS Battalion in Syria

A former Kansas teacher who led an all-female Islamic State military battalion and plotted terror attacks on Americans has been nabbed in Syria, federal prosecutors said as they unsealed the criminal case late Friday.

Allison Fluke-Ekren, 42, who was charged in May 2019 with providing and conspiring to provide material support to ISIS, a designated terrorist organization, was finally brought to the Eastern District of Virginia on Friday night after she was arrested in Syria.

The feds say Fluke-Ekren left the U.S. in 2008 for Egypt and migrated to Libya then Syria around 2012 with her husband, an ISIS sniper trainer. The pair “were smuggled into Syria because the terrorist organization Ansar al-Sharia was no longer conducting attacks in Libya, and Fluke-Ekren wished to engage in violent jihad,” one witness allegedly told investigators.

Fluke-Ekren and her husband allegedly brought $15,000 into Syria to buy weapons, grenades and other military supplies. She has been involved in a vast array of activities on behalf of ISIS since at least 2014, prosecutors say.

A blog called “4 Kansas Kids” created to “share the adventures of the Fluke-Ekren family” appears to show photos of Fluke-Ekren and her kids, smiling in front of Egyptian pyramids and playing in the snow in the rural Midwest around 2010.

The Lawrence Journal-World also published a 2004 article on homeschooling trends in which Fluke-Ekren is quoted explaining her dissatisfaction with public schooling. Homeschooling enabled her to teach Arabic to her kids, she said.

But a criminal complaint includes observations from six people who witnessed Fluke-Ekren’s activities in Syria between 2014 and 2017, allegedly she played a role in planning and recruiting operatives for a potential attack on an American college campus. The plot never manifested because she fell pregnant, the complaint says.

One witness recounted Fluke-Ekren presenting the college attack plan and saying the idea came out of a desire to seek “vengeance” after children were killed when a market area in Syria was bombed by airstrikes that she blamed on the United States.

Fluke-Ekren was…

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