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Freckles Juice Focuses On Providing Glowing Skin From The Inside Out


Freckles Juice Focuses On Providing Glowing Skin From The Inside Out

Freckles Juice

It’s often said that you are what you eat. Nobody knows that better than Felicia Forbes, founder of New York-based juice bar chain Freckles Juice. With juicing on the rise, the benefits for the inside are becoming more and more known, but less talked about are the benefits for the outside.

On the heels of the opening of her Brooklyn location, Forbes chatted with ESSENCE about the ways that her juice bars aren’t just dishing out better health, but also a healthier glow. Check it out.

Can you share where the idea for Freckles Juice came from?

Where I live “Uptown” The Bronx, as a community we are plagued with health issues and illness and a lot of that comes from lack of information and accessible healthy food options. The Bronx for years was known as a food desert. Freckle’s Juice changed that. Over the years since we opened our doors the community has changed, and many more health and wellness spots have popped up. Be the change that you seek, you know.

In addition to being a healthy space, we are also a cultural hub. Freckle’s Juice is all about vibes and culture. We’ve created a safe space for creative expression and cultural exchange – close to home, no need to travel into the city.

Why is it particularly important for the Black community to understand the benefits of juicing?

 It’s very important for my community to understand the benefits of juicing because our people are dying, younger and younger are we dying from heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure. If we had more knowledge and options to health, we could make better decisions. Most people are under the impression that healthy juices are nasty – until they’ve tasted Freckle’s.

Can you speak directly to how what you consume can impact what reflects on the outside?

What you put inside of your body affects your physical health and your appearance. In fact it shows up on your face long before it shows up waist. Certain food and drinks, things…

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