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Frozen giants, and why everyone is competing with everyone regardless of what they say – TechCrunch


Frozen giants, and why everyone is competing with everyone regardless of what they say – TechCrunch

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Hello my dear friends, here’s hoping that you are warm, safe, and happy today. Welcome to the weekend. Today’s Exchange note is somewhat brief, and, I hope, good fun. We’re talking gaming and competition, two of my very favorite things.

Notes on the gaming world

While the venture capital world loses its mind over crypto-based video games bringing fiscally focused activity to the “gaming” space, some builders are sticking to more traditional models.

One such company is Frost Giant, which announced a Series A this week worth $25 million, and is building a de novo RTS game. As a longtime fan of the genre, I am incredibly excited about this. As a business and technology journalist, I am curious as well.

I got on the phone the other day with its founders – the Two Tims – to chat through what they are building. Details are somewhat sparse at the moment because the company is still a ways from releasing its title. But! It will be a real-time strategy (RTS) game, a genre made famous by beloved entries like Age of Empires and Starcraft. It should feature, we learned, a campaign and multiplayer capabilities. And the group is talking to esports players as well so that it works out of the box for more competitive battles.

Per the company, it’s being built to be a game as a service of sorts, with a long shelf life. That’s a big goal. And to do so with new IP as the core is a big gamble. In a good way, I think; this is what venture capital is for – venturing into the unknown. Not just building more B2B SaaS.

For now, Frost Giant is staying mum on setting and anything more substantial about the game’s core elements, so we’ll be keeping an eye on what it’s building.

In a more nuts/bolts sense, Frost Giant raised a $4.7 million seed round after being founded in 2020, later adding another $5 million to that round. Kakao Games, a South Korean game developer, led the company’s Series A, which…

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