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Girl, 10, Thrown Down 40ft-Well by Alleged Sex Attacker


Girl, 10, Thrown Down 40ft-Well by Alleged Sex Attacker

In what is sadly the latest horrific story of violence against women and young girls in India, a 10-year-old girl narrowly survived a harrowing rape attempt only to be chucked into a deep well by the alleged perpetrator.

The attack took place in the village of Dudhlai in the Sehore district of India, according to police, who have not named the girl or her alleged attacker, who is reportedly 28.

According to local media, the man lured the young girl, who was on her bicycle, to an isolated area near her home and attempted to sexually assault her. She fought against him and screamed, which caused the man to then throw her into a 40-foot well. But the young girl was able to grab onto wires and stonework inside the well, which saved her from plunging into around 8-feet of water at the bottom of the dark pit.

Local police office Mayank Awasthi told reporters that the girl’s mother had been looking for her when she heard her daughter’s screams for help. “The girl was traumatized but told us that the man lured her on the pretext of playing with him and watching birds,” Awasthi told The National. “But she said he attempted to rape her and pushed her into the well.”

The man, who lived near the girl, then tried to flee but was charged with sexual assault and child abuse. The young girl is back home with her parents after a health checks that confirmed she was not raped.

In recent years, India has seen a spike in sexual offense cases with nearly 50,000 reported in 2021 alone. On Saturday in the Bundi district, police arrested a man for attempting to rape a 3-year-old girl. He was caught before he could sexually assault her, according to officials. The man was thought to have tried to kidnap her to become his bride. He had taken her to a temple where he was found in an “objectionable position” with the toddler.

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