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Girl Buys a Rag Doll from Poor Old Lady in the Street, Mom Nearly Kicks Her Out for It — Story of the Day


Girl Buys a Rag Doll from Poor Old Lady in the Street, Mom Nearly Kicks Her Out for It — Story of the Day

A mother almost kicks her daughter out of the house when she comes home with a ragged doll. Perplexed by her mother’s reaction, the little girl decides to find out why she’s so angry about the doll, unaware it will reveal a long-hidden secret.

Eleven-year-old Florence was always a sweet and caring girl with a big heart. She could give the last thing to those in need, and everyone knew it, whether it was her neighbors or her classmates and friends.

For instance, Florence was returning home one afternoon when she noticed a beggar on the streets. Her mother had given her some money to buy her favorite chocolates, but when she saw the beggar, she generously offered him all of her money.

Florence brought a ragged doll home | Photo: Shutterstock

Seeing her daughter’s generosity and kind-hearted nature, Florence’s mother, Barabara, felt very proud of her upbringing. 

Barbara was only 16 years old when she became pregnant, but her so-called boyfriend refused to accept responsibility for their child, so she raised her daughter on her own.

When Florence started growing up, though, she became curious why she didn’t have a family like her friends. Then Barbara told her about being an orphan and how her father had abandoned them.

Little Florence was disappointed to learn that her father had left them, but she was happy that she had her mother with her, who loved her and gave her everything she wanted. So the little girl did her best not to let her mother down. But one day, Florence decided to disobey her mother, which changed everything…

Florence was a kind girl | Photo: Pexels

When Florence got home from school that day, she ran straight to Barabara, holding a doll in her hands. “Mommy! Mommy!” she cried happily. “Look what I got!”

“What is it, honey?” Barbara inquired, looking up from her phone and turning to face Florence.

“It’s my doll Julie, mommy!” Florence said, showing her the doll, dressed in a lovely light-orange dress and with brown plaited hair. “There was a poor old lady selling it, mommy. She needed money, so I bought it from her,” Florence proudly added, glad to have helped someone in need.

But Babara’s reaction…

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