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Hiking and 9 Must-Haves for Your Journey!


Hiking and 9 Must-Haves for Your Journey!

Okay, Fashionistas! Let’s try some new and exciting adventures in 2022! I’ll call this series “Curvy Adventures” – dedicated to our beautiful and curvaceous selves trying out new hobbies! Yes, hobbies! We will start with hiking and nine must-haves for your journey!

Society and even ourselves often hold the Plus Size community back from trying new hobbies due to size. What does size have to do with it? Absolutely nothing! We can do anything we put our minds to, and it has nothing to do with our size!

Our Plus Size Hiking INspo!

Need outside motivation? Fantastic groups around the globe, such as WOMEN WHO EXPLORE (, have been created to build community and encourage women to be more adventurous and bold in living life and starting hobbies. This group has successfully built a community of more than 250,000 women worldwide and in different countries, too – creating “a safe space for all voices, all bodies, all skill levels, all journeys.” 

Our experiences inspire unforgettable memories where strangers become friends. We invite you to join us on an adventure to discover new skills and most importantly, yourself.” – Women Who Explore

Let’s get into it!

Hiking Apparel & Accessories

Every hobby has a specific “gear” that is worn. Basketball, football, golf, swimming, you name it. Particular items are either a must for flexibility, breathability, or protection. Hiking has its own apparel as well, where some stick to the best in hiking gear, while others mix it with workout gear. No matter what you choose, understand that there are potential risks, just like with every hobby or sport.

Here’s a checklist of essential items you want to consider when venturing out in the beautiful outdoors for your hiking hobby.

Proper Footwear

No matter if you are taking a brisk walk on a flat surface or want to be adventurous and conquer miles and heights, if your footwear isn’t right, your body will not be right either. You always want to consider your feet, ankles, knees, and hips in walking. Hiking boots, sneakers, and…

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