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How to alphabetize lists in Microsoft Word


How to alphabetize lists in Microsoft Word

Alphabetizing text in Microsoft Word is fairly easy. Using the feature, you can easily sort a list alphabetically. Microsoft Word also gives you the option to perform other related tasks, such as alphabetically sorting a list of names by the last name.

Here’s how to make the most of these alphabetizing tools.

How to alphabetize a list in Microsoft Word

Step 1: The first step is to select the list you wish to alphabetize. You do this by placing the cursor at the beginning of the list and dragging it all the way to where the list ends.

Step 2: Next, click on the Home option on the ribbon at the top, and click on the Sort option. The icon for the sort option is a little downward arrow with the letters “AZ” arranged in a vertical line on its left.

Step 3: Completing step 2 will open the Sort Text window for you. You’re required to enter details for three of the fields that you see. Click on the Sort By option and select Paragraphs from the drop-down list that appears. Then click on Type and select Text from the list that you see. Lastly, choose Ascending out of the two options that you see on your right. Once you’re done with all three tasks, click on OK.

How do I sort alphabetically on Microsoft Word by the last name?

Step 1: Just like you did for alphabetizing a list according to the first name, you’d first want to select the list you wish to alphabetize by the last name.

Step 2: Click on the Home option on the ribbon at the top, and click on the Sort option.

Step 3: In the Sort Text window that appears, click on the Options button situated on its bottom-left. That will open another window for you, and you will see an Other field close to the top. Click on Other, and in the box to its right, press the Spacebar once (deleting any characters if there are any). Click OK when you’re done with this.

Step 4: Clicking OK in step 3 will take you back to the Sort Text window. Go to the Sort By drop-down menu and choose Word 2 from it. Once you’re done, click OK. You will find your list alphabetized by the last name.


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