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Interracial Couple Break up in College after Facing Judgement, 44 Years Later They Meet Again — Story of the Day


Interracial Couple Break up in College after Facing Judgement, 44 Years Later They Meet Again — Story of the Day

Some love stories end happily, while others end tragically, but in Linda Moseley’s case, it was a mixed bag, where she did meet her first love 44 years after they split up, but not really…

Linda sat in her living room, scrolling through Facebook as she had done every evening since her neighbor’s daughter showed her how to use it.

Linda was 62 years old. When she was her neighbor’s daughter’s age, the most popular form of communication was the letters she and several of her friends used to write to their lovers and romantic partners.

As Linda was using her phone that day, it vibrated suddenly, and a notification flashed across her screen. Linda opened it, stunned by the messenger’s name. But when she read the entire message, her eyes welled up, and a strange excitement, as well as sadness, lurked in her heart.

Linda split up with her first love while they were in college | Photo: Shutterstock

It was early January and Linda received a delivery of red roses. Her grandfather had recently passed away, so the flowers didn’t seem completely out of the blue. But the name on the note that came with them did. The last place she had seen that name, Henry Zimmermann, was in her university yearbook. 

“Dear Linda,” Henry’s card read, “I am a senior of yours, though I don’t believe you know who I am. I’m sorry, but I’m a little shy, so I didn’t have the guts to ask you out on a date right away. But you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Would you like to go on a date with me?”

Linda blushed like anything when she read the note. Much against what Henry thought, she knew him too well. In fact, her entire batch did. He was famous for being an introvert, but he was a genius. Debates, quizzes, and anything and everything that had to do with extracurriculars, Henry was at the top of it. 

She gently picked up the bouquet, went to her room, and placed it on her study table. When her mother asked her who sent it, she lied that it was for her grandfather. “Sorry, I lied, grandpa,” the girl whispered a quick apology in her head, and then continued reading the note in her room.

Henry sent flowers to Linda | Photo: Pexels

“If the…

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