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Is Love At First Sight Real?


Is Love At First Sight Real?

Love at first sight is such a fairytale concept that it is almost impossible to believe it can happen. It is often based on overpowering and intoxicating physical attraction. However, the phenomenon has found roots in scientific studies and psychological processes.

Studies show that humans use their intuitive skills to evaluate a suitable partner quickly in just 100 ms. Once attracted to the person, an individual may become emotionally attached to them and communicate affection through a copulatory gaze (1). This initial attraction is termed “love at first sight” because of its intensity and the flurry of strong emotions an individual goes through.

This article discusses the reality of love at first sight, its signs, and the possibility of evolving into a lifetime commitment. Keep scrolling!

Can You Fall In Love At First Sight?

Yes, if the person matches the version of the ideal person in your head, you can experience a feeling quite similar to ‘love’ at first sight. According to behavioral relationship expert Tracy Crossley, “You can fall in love with the idea of someone at the moment. Something about them compels you to want to get to know them, to invest time and energy in them.” But it is best not to confuse this physical attraction and chemistry with love. Just a glimpse isn’t enough to form a connection as deep as true love.

Crossley adds, “I have found men do this more often than women. Meaning, men can meet a woman/man, and it is not intense chemistry or anything crazy (like making fantasies of riding off into the sunset together). They feel something different and are curious, interested, and already committed to learning more about the other person. In a sense, it is love at first sight, but it is not true love: I would say it is enchantment. Women do not have love at first sight (that often), though they may claim it. They tend to be more attached to an idea and how they want the person to fit into their idea of how they want things to be.”

However, you don’t have to be disheartened yet. Love is about understanding a person and accepting them with all their flaws and shortcomings….

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