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Jerry Jones’ ego is why Mike McCarthy is still in Dallas


Jerry Jones’ ego is why Mike McCarthy is still in Dallas

Jerry Jones (r.) and Mike McCarthyPhoto: Getty Images

Since the Dallas Cowboys season ended in the wildcard round of the postseason, it feels more and more like Jerry Jones is already looking to the future of his head coach position. That spot, currently occupied by Mike McCarthy, feels less secure by the day. Jones is all over the map regarding his head coach. One day he’s giving McCarthy a vote of confidence, calling him a difference-maker. The following week he’s saying he’d hire defensive coordinator Dan Quinn as head coach.

After two mediocre years, the writing is on the wall for McCarthy, and Jones seems to be feeling antsy. It feels like Jones wants to pull the plug but is hesitant for whatever reason. Jerry doesn’t want to lose McCarthy, Quinn, or offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Moore passed on the head coaching gig at his alma mater, Boise State, last year to stay in Big D. Moore won’t pass up the next head coach opening unless it’s for the same position in Dallas. Anything short of that, and he’s gone.

Quinn filled in as acting head coach while McCarthy was out with COVID-19 in December, and that win for Dallas brought on all this talk about him potentially taking over for McCarthy. Since then, there’s been nothing but chatter about Quinn being one of the hottest coaching candidates around the league. Well, their season ended, and Quinn quickly found out his stock wasn’t soaring at the level he or the Cowboys previously believed.

Jones might as well just go ahead and go down on the sideline full time. Just go coach the team officially. It’s been said for years that’s what Jones is doing anyway. Do it, Jerry. Follow in the footsteps of your mentor Al Davis. It’s not like Jones hasn’t been damn near coaching the team for the past 25 years anyway. Jones might as well make it official and be owner, general manager, and now head coach. The Cowboys’ championship drought couldn’t possibly get any worse as a result.

Following Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer, Jones has primarily hired coaches who won’t challenge him, with the exception of Bill Parcells. And Parcells…

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