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Jogger Notices Commotion Coming from the Lake & Following His Instincts, Rushes to the Rescue


Jogger Notices Commotion Coming from the Lake & Following His Instincts, Rushes to the Rescue

A jogger in a park notices a commotion coming from a frozen lake. His instincts tell him something is wrong and he rushes to the rescue.  

It’s a universal fact that a dog is a man’s best friend. But one heroic man proved that humans can also be a dog’s best companion, but he insists, he is “not a hero.”

Darcy Bell, a 31-year-old security engineer from the small town of Featherstone, Yorkshire, was midway through a jog with a friend around the local park on January 9, 2021, when he noticed a commotion coming from the lake in the park.

Sharp-witted jogger notices commotion near frozen lake, follows his instincts to save a life | Source: Facebook/Paula Town

He waddled through the crowd to see what it was and found a dog stranded on the frozen lake. The pup was petrified and running around, trying to get out.

Darcy observed the pup and thought it would get out on its own. However, his instincts told him the dog could be stuck in the freezing water.

The man continued jogging for a couple of minutes but kept a watch on the pup to see if he’d make it out. Moments later, he realized that the dog wouldn’t make it by himself.

Darcy Bell spotted a commotion in the park while jogging with a friend | Source: Facebook/Paula Town

He saw the dog panicking and running around the frozen lake. Deep inside, he guessed the pup would fall into the water any minute, and it did. 

A person named Paula Town witnessed the whole episode in disbelief and decided to film it. But Darcy was unaware of this.

He walked through the crowd and, without any hesitation, jumped into the lake and fluttered through the icy water towards the stranded dog.

Without hesitation, he jumped into the icy water | Source: Facebook/Paula Town

Darcy used his strength to smash through the ice that was quite thick. Then he calmed the frightened pup and directed it towards the shoreline. 

Darcy claimed he never usually jumped into ice-cold water but didn’t feel the impact of the water that day because he was a strong swimmer trained at triathlons. 

Being a good swimmer, Darcy didn’t feel the icy cold water’s impact | Source: Facebook/Paula Town


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