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John Legend Is Releasing His Own ‘Melanin-Rich’ Skin Care Line – Here’s What You Need to Know About It


John Legend Is Releasing His Own ‘Melanin-Rich’ Skin Care Line – Here’s What You Need to Know About It

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John Legend is known for his enchanting vocals and immaculate piano skills, but he also wants us to know he’s serious about his skincare regimen as well. 

The Grammy award-winning artist recently announced his partnership with A-Frame, the company behind Gabrielle Union and Naomi Osaka’s beauty lines, to develop a skincare brand addressing the specific needs of melanin-rich skin, making healthier skin accessible for all. 

 “Our skin is beautifully rich and colorful, but it also needs constant care, love, and healing. Our goal is to create high-quality yet accessible products because everyone should experience the joy of beautiful and healthy skin.” 

According to a statement, John Legend is aiming to fill culturally specific skin care gaps by developing affordably-priced gender-neutral skincare products that will include a dermatologist-approved, proprietary blend of ingredients that are crafted specifically for the needs of communities of color, effectively enhancing and maintaining the beauty of their melanated skin. 

The skincare line is a natural next step for John, who’s shared that he credits his youthful looking skin to a multi-step routine he swears by. In a 2019 interview with Yahoo he said: 

“I’m obsessive about sunscreen, so I had to ask him if he partakes. “I wear it when I know I’m going to be in the sun a lot, but mostly just cleansing and moisturizing. Exfoliating sometimes when necessary. And then if you’ve got some spots you’ve got to handle, then you handle it with some stronger stuff sometimes.” I reminded him of the importance of daily SPF, but I was still impressed.” 

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