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Josh Allen and the Bills Are Going To Be a Problem


Josh Allen and the Bills Are Going To Be a Problem

Josh Allen got some unsolicited advice this week on dealing with the frigid temperatures in Buffalo.

“Take some Viagra before the game, baby,” former Jets linebacker Bart Scott said on ESPN this week. “That’ll get that circulation going right.”

Allen did not take Scott’s advice (we think). But after four hours on Saturday, it was the New England Patriots who needed to call a doctor. The Buffalo Bills delivered their most definitive victory in the 21st century on Saturday, atomizing the Patriots 47-17. In the process, Buffalo reordered our basic understanding of this postseason just two games into the playoffs.

All you need to know to understand the extent of Buffalo’s dominance is to look at the 10 drives that opened the game.

Buffalo drives 70 yards for a touchdown
New England interception
Buffalo drives 80 yards for a touchdown
New England 3-and-out, punts
Buffalo drives 81 yards for a touchdown
New England punts
Buffalo drives 89 yards for a touchdown
New England field goal
New England interception
Buffalo drives 58 yards for a touchdown

Buffalo became the first team to score a touchdown on their first five drives in the 21st century, according to ESPN Stats and Info. They then went and scored touchdowns on their next two drives to make it seven straight touchdowns to start the game (The Bills hit the over/under for the game by themselves). The Bills are the first NFL team ever to go an entire game without punting, kicking a field goal, or turning the ball over, per Chase Stuart at Football Perspective. They literally just scored touchdowns until they could kneel to end the game. Buffalo was up 20-0 a third of the way through the game, and functionally ended it with a 27-3 halftime lead. And without Tom Brady, it’s clear the Patriots are a long way from overcoming any 28-3 deficits.

We do not need to linger on this beatdown. Instead, we can skip right to what this beatdown means: the rest of the AFC is in trouble, and the Bills might become the Super Bowl betting favorites as soon as tomorrow. Despite an inconsistent regular season, these Bills are bigger and badder than last year.

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