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Julius Randle on the Trade Block? Does Schoen Have His Guy?


Julius Randle on the Trade Block? Does Schoen Have His Guy?

(00:47) — CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND: JJ previews the AFC and NFC championship games.
(02:50) — GIANTS: Joe Schoen’s first press conference, Daniel Jones, and Brian Flores or Daboll?
(07:44) — KNICKS: Another flat performance from the Knicks’ starters and the future of Julius Randle.
(13:16) — CALLS: Callers talk Nets, Giants and more.
(23:26) — Old school vs. new school championship weekend picks with Joe Benigno
(49:22) — Handicapper Art DiCesare breaks down JJ’s and Joe B’s picks, and offers up some of his own
(62:44) — Yahoo Sportsbook’s Ariel Epstein talks best prop bets this championship weekend

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Host: John Jastremski
Guests: Joe Benigno, Art DiCesare and Ariel Epstein
Producers: Steve Ceruti and Stefan Anderson

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